Friday, October 14, 2016

Will Your Bridge Pass the Force Test?

We read the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff today with the sound of a rushing river playing while we read the story!  We talked about quotation marks and reading with expression!  We know that when you see quotation marks it means someone is talking!  We also inferred the troll's feelings by using the text to help determine what kind of person the troll was.  Then we built bridges in small groups working as a team that had to with stand the force of a pumpkin sitting on our bridge!  These are just a few classes there will be more bridges coming!!

Force and Motion is all around us!

We have been so busy discovering that Force and Motion are all around us.  There is force and motion everywhere!  We  experimented with different kind of forces.  We used the force of our air through a straw against the force of  a blow dryer to see how much motion it produced.  Then we measured the distance.  Our last activity was the best, we got to use the force of our air through a straw to paint a picture.  The force of our air actually moved the paint!  We even reviewed the states of matter too.  The paper was our solid, the paint was the liquid, and our air was the gas! We Love Learning!!!   #everything is connected

Reading and Writing Night

Our parents came to school so we could show them how we read and write.  It was an Awesome day and we got to dress up as our favorite story book characters!!! When our parents came to school we helped them design a house for the 1st and 2nd little pig,  We can use reading and writing ALL the time, everyday!  #creatinglifelonglearners  #everthingisconnected

Math Marathon Day!!!!

Kindergarten learned about one-to-one correspondence today! Did you know we also have one-to-one correspondence in reading too!! We counted apples, read a poem, and shook an apple tree.  We LOVE Math.

Let's Make It Rain!!

 1st Grade learned how clouds make rain.  We actually made rain!! Then we recorded our observations in our journals and wrote about what we learned.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Can you build a house that's wolf proof?

 Pig Brother 1 & Pig Brother 2 had a problem! The 3rd Little Pig told them if they did not follow his rules then they needed to leave. So, they took all their rent money and bought supplies for these smart and talented students to build them a house.  We reviewed states of matter and introduced force.  The wolf left a blow dryer for us to test our houses!

States of Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas

We have started STEM Classes at CES this year.  Kindergarten learned about States of Matter.